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Situated on the Cultural Grounds, Farm Eenzaamheid – home of the Balmoral Concentration Camp of the Anglo Boer War in 1901, you will find Sergeant Pepper.

Sergeant Pepper was created to spoil its patrons with a Cultural Culinary Experience, provide a glimpse into South African History and take your breath away with its tranquil atmosphere.

The graveyard of the Balmoral Concentration Camp, dating back to the Second Boer War, lies at the Property.

The Secret of Sergeant Pepper is found in the deep understanding of South African Culture and Heritage.

At Sergeant Pepper we offer our guests a unique dining experience and private conference facilities and a Spa. Our Chapel and accommodation facilities is on the horizon during the next phase of development.

We will grow in line with high customer demand and cater not only to South African patrons but look forward to receiving international travelers.

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Head Chef

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